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Learn How to Grow Chinese Cabbage

Growing Chinese Cabbage for the first time? This “How to Grow Chinese Cabbage Chickpeas” guide helps to grow a better crop, regardless of your experience level.

Michihili cabbage is a popular Chinese cabbage. It is easy to grow in the home garden. The plant grows quickly into an upright, cylindrical, leafy, loosehead. It has a mild delicate flavor and is very popular in a wide variety of Asian cuisines. You can use Michihili cabbage in any of your favorite cabbage and stir-fry recipes.

How to Grow Chinese Cabbage, Michihili

Grow Michihili Cabbage plants in full sun, in rich to average garden soil. Plants prefer cool weather. Like other cole crops, it does not like hot or humid weather.

For a spring crop, directly sow seeds outdoors in early spring, as soon as the ground can be worked. Seeds can also be started indoors, for an earlier start. For a fall crop, sow seeds outdoors 8-10 weeks before the first frost.

If planted in wet weather, elevate the soil a little before planting.

Space seedlings 1 1/2 feet apart in rows 2 1/2 feet apart.

Keep plants well-watered. The soil should be moist, not wet.

Fertilize regularly with a general-purpose garden fertilizer.

Keep plants well weeded early in their growth.

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Plant Problems

Soil Temperatures – Ideal germination temperature by vegetable

Ideal Soil pH: 6.0 – 7.5

Insects and Pests

Michihili Cabbage plants are very susceptible to insects, especially aphids and cabbage loopers. Cabbage loopers are the larva stage of a moth. Try placing a screen over the plant so the female moth cannot lay her eggs. Insecticides can also be used to control them. Aphids are controlled by frequent spraying. Organic controls in the form of soap or garlic sprays are also effective.

Plant Disease

Like other cole crops, they can rot during hot and humid weather.

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How to Grow Chinese Cabbage - Harvest Time

Days to Maturity: Varies by variety: 75 – 80 days.

Pick this cabbage after the heads are full and solid. You can also begin to harvest leaves as the plant reaches a size large enough for use in salads, soups, or your favorite recipe.

Frost or a light freeze will improve flavor.

How to Grow Chinese Cabbage - Plant Hardiness

All cole crops prefer cool and even cold weather. They are among the first plants in your garden each spring. They survive below thirty degrees. In the fall, they will be your last crops to survive increasingly frequent frosts.

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