Varieties of Carrots

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Popular Varieties of Carrots

Certainly, when it comes to varieties of carrots, there’s no shortage. And, that’s a good thing, as they both taste good, and are healthy for you, too.

Looking for an old-fashioned heirloom carrot? How about a uniquely different variety? Listed below are the more popular varieties along with some interesting ones to try…and show off. 

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Did you Know?: Soil type and temperature can affect carrot color.

Varieties of Carrots

  • There is a variety of carrots for everyone. Different varieties are largely categorized by length.

  • Short varieties come as small as two inches and are as wide as they are long. And, they are the variety of choice for gardeners who have hard clay or rocky soils.

  • The longer varieties do best in rich, well-worked soil rich in compost. The long, fat carrots are the most popular of home gardeners.

  • While most varieties are orange, there is a yellow and a red variety for those looking for a different type to try.

  • Baby carrots are a shorter type..

  • There is even a Chinese baby variety to choose from.

Thought for the Day: Carrots may be good for the eyes, but alcohol will double your vision.

Specific Varieties

Chantenay – Also called Royal Chantenay, this is a tender, crisp heirloom variety.  Good for storage. It grows 5 to 7 inches long and is very popular in home gardens.

Danvers Half Long – Tender, sweet, and rich flavor, with a smooth texture. Danvers is deep orange in color, grows six to eight inches, and has a blunt end. It is good for canning and freezing.

Imperator – Imperator has top quality and sweetness. Use it fresh, canned, or frozen. Rots are 7-8 inches long and tapered. It needs deep soil to grow straight and mature.

Little Finger – Looking for popular varieties of carrots? Try Little Finger. They are excellent for eating fresh, canned, or pickled. Roots are cylindrical with a blunt tip, growing about 3 inches long.

Nantes – Slender, six inches long, with a rounded end. It is crisp and tender.

Parisian – Short and round, ideal for container planting. use it fresh or cooked. Tasty!

Cosmic Purple – Both pretty and  tasty. It has purple skin, that’s sure to draw attention. The flesh is a sweet, orange with a bright yellow core.

Garden Tip: For a continuous harvest, sow some seeds every two to three weeks.



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