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About Organic Soil

A healthy, home organic garden starts with healthy, natural, virgin soil. The site you select for your organic garden should not have been previously used for a garden where chemical fertilizers or pesticides were previously used. It should also not be the site of a treated lawn, where chemicals were previously applied. And use only organic soil amendments for healthy garden soil.

We encourage any movement towards organic gardening practices. If you’ve used chemicals in the past and would like to practice organic gardening, you certainly can continue to use your existing garden. Chemicals you’ve used in the past, will slowly break down and leach out of the soil. This may take time. But, each year your garden will become healthier.

Compost is a great, natural fertilizer. Organic gardening and composting go hand in hand. Composted materials may contain all the fertilizer and micro-nutrients that your plant will need. And, it is free!

Important Note: If you use chemicals on your lawn, the garden should not be downhill of the lawn. Harmful chemicals can be carried downhill with groundwater, and seep into your garden.

Raised Garden Bed Frames

Raised Garden Beds are a Great Place for Your Organic Garden

The raised bed frame sits atop the ground. You then fill it with virgin soil and organic soil amendments. You control what goes into it….. natural organic soil and materials. Gardeners with raised bed frames, will often empty the soil each fall and replenish it with fresh, rich, natural ingredients for great gardens every year.

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Back Porch Composter

Common Organic Soil Amendments

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Fertilizers  – manures, compost, and more.

Insect repellents/insect control

Disease control

Beneficial Insects – use the good bugs to get the bad bugs

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