Top 10 June Gardening Tips


June is a great gardening month. Everything is up and growing. Flowers are putting on a fantastic, colorful display. Summer heat and humidity have not yet arrived. Yet, we are already harvesting plenty of vegetables and herbs. Among other things, our June Gardening Tips focus is on promoting the strong growth of all of our plants. 

Top Ten June Gardening Tips

Gardening Tip #1: There are two tricks to growing a successful crop of blueberries. First, the soil needs to be acidic. Secondly, you need to keep the birds away from the maturing fruit. Unprotected, they will beat you to the harvest every time. More on Growing Blueberries

Gardening Tip #2: Those fertilizers that boldly claim to promote big blooms on your flowers and vegetables, are high in Phosphorous, and low in nitrogen.  If you want big, bright blooms focus on the phosphorous levels n the fertilizer you buy. More on Nitrogen, Phosphorous, and Potassium…….

Gardening Tip #3: Chives are one of the earliest herbs. If you want to prolong the harvest, they need to be cut back, to continue to produce. It is time to do so, as the flower heads, with thick, woody shoots, begin to appear. Cut them back to just an inch from the level of the soil. They will soon regrow new, tender shoots.  More on growing Chives……

Gardening Tip #4: If your Lilac bush needs a trim, do so within a couple of weeks after this year’s blooms. Next year’s blooms form very quickly. You don’t want to risk removing next year’s blooms. More on Pruning Lilacs….

Gardening Tip #5: So, you think you don’t have any space to grow flowers, vegetables, or herbs? Are you out of space in your garden, yet have plants leftover? Look up…look down…. and try Vertical Gardening! About Vertical gardens

Gardening Tip #6: Strawberries develop seeds on the outside of the fruit. These tiny seeds can be a challenge to grow. It’s far easier to take a baby plant that forms at the end of a runner stem off of the Mother plant. More on Growing Strawberries  Also see: Strawberry Jam recipe

Basil Herb Plant, How to Grow, Garden Tips

In June Plants are Growing Healthy and Strong

Gardening Tip #7:  A big reason why we grow our own vegetables, is to do to provide healthier food for our families. Home gardeners are always seeking ways to grow a little more organically. Some plants provide insect and pest protection to other plants. Some plants provide nutrients. Companion plants allow you to use fewer pesticides and fewer chemical fertilizers. More on Companion Plants……..

Gardening Tip # 8: Kids and adults are fascinated by pumpkins. Growing pumpkins is a lot of fun. Do you want to grow the biggest pumpkin in the ‘Hood? How to grow big, big Pumpkins……

Gardening Tip #9: You absolutely admire your friend’s favorite rose bush. Don’t you wish you could get an exact duplicate for your rose garden? Ask for a cutting. Learn how to grow roses from cuttings……….

Gardening Tip #10: This easy-to-grow flower gets its name, as the flower blooms in mid afternoon. It attracts Hummingbirds. It is a prolific reseeder. This cherished flower is also called the “Marvel of Peru”. Grow Four O’Clocks……………..

June Garden Holidays

First full week of June – National Gardening Week

June 6 – National Gardening Exercise Day – a healthy day for you and your plants.

June 10 – Iced Tea Day

June 12 – Red Rose Day

June 13 – National Weed Your Garden Day

June 16 – Fresh Veggies Day – fresh from your garden.

June 17 – Eat Your Vegetables Day

June 27 – National Onion Day

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