Cicada Pictures and Images

Cicada Molting 03

Want to see what a Cicada looks like up close and personal? Here are some adult Cicada pictures and images which will help you to identify them. If you live in an area that experiences a Cicada emergence, you probably have seen more than enough of this little bug.

See what the Cicada “Buzz” is all about.

Cicadas Molting Pictures - Shedding their Exoskeleton

Cicada Brood Emergence
Cicada Molting 02
Cicada Molting 04
Cicada Molting 05

Cicada Adult Right After Molting

Cicada Insect 02
Cicada Insect 03

Adult Cicada

Cicada Insect
Cicada Adult
Cicada Adult 02
How to Control Cicada Adult Insect, Brood Emergence

Cicada Brood Emergence

Cicada Brood Emergence
Cicada Brood Emergence 02

Cicada and Locust Protection and Control

Pest Control Netting

Insecticides are ineffective on these large insects.

Insect Netting is the most effective way to protect young trees and shrubs, which are most susceptible. Because Cicadas are large insects, 1/4″ mesh netting is effective. Wrap pest netting completely around the tree and tie or seal it off, to keep any insects from finding an entryway.

Important Note: Even if the Cicadas have emerged in your area, you have 5-10 days to cover young trees before the female begins to cause damage, as she lays her eggs. But don’t delay. Take steps to protect your young trees and shrubs today.

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