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About Houseplant Appreciation Day

Date When Celebrated: Always January 10

Here Ye, Here Ye, Here Ye. The Gardener’s Network proclaims henceforth, that January 10th of each year will be known and dedicated as Houseplant Appreciation Day. We hereby endeavor to make this a very special day for growing, caring for, and loving houseplants. This day will serve as a reminder that you need to give your houseplants a little attention. We want to encourage you to grow and appreciate houseplants, especially in the winter months. And, we want to celebrate the beneficial aspects of houseplants in our lives.

By the 10th of January, the holidays are a distant, happy memory. We have put the decorations away.  Now, our houses all look kinda plain, and drab inside. As you look around the house, something catches your eye. It’s over there, in the corner of the room. It’s still green, but it sure looks dry. And, it’s drooping a bit. Why it’s a houseplant! Funny, but with all of the holiday hullabaloo, you’ve all but forgotten your plants.

Well, aren’t your houseplants lucky that the tenth of January has arrived!? Today is THE day to get back to tending to, and loving each and every plant in your home. It’s also a day to appreciate just how special and important houseplants are to you. As gardeners, we need to have our hands in some dirt. Caring for them gives us that opportunity. After all, it’s a long way to spring, when we can get out into the garden again.

Important Note: As creators of this day, we established it as “Houseplant Appreciation Day”. In the last few years, some other websites started calling it “National Houseplant Appreciation Day”. You would think others would refer to it as defined by the creators of the day.

What Plants Qualify as Houseplants?

Well, there are plenty of plants that we think of as houseplants. Spider Plants, Rubber Plants, Aloe Vera, Bamboo, and African Violets are just a few that come to mind. In reality, a houseplant is any plant that can be grown indoors in lower light, low humidity, and cooler temperature conditions. That opens up a wide range of possibilities. We once knew a guy who grew a pumpkin plant in his basement under grow lights. The pumpkin plant in that home scientific experiment qualified the pumpkin plant as a houseplant.

Growing houseplants is easy. Find out how to grow houseplants.

Common Types of Houseplants

Ways to Celebrate Houseplant Appreciation Day

There are lots of ways to celebrate and appreciate houseplants enjoy this day. Here are just a few of them:

  • Start by making sure that the houseplants you already have, are well watered.

  • Next, give them a special treat today… a little fertilizer.

  • If you do not have any houseplants, or just have a couple, buy a new houseplant (or two) on this day).

  • Learn more about the benefits of houseplants to your health.

  • Stand by your houseplant and breath in the air! It’s giving off oxygen… just for you!.

  • Teach your kids about growing and caring for plants. See Kids and Gardening.

  • Give a houseplant to a friend, especially the elderly or shut-ins.

  • Talk to your plants. Yes, people believe plants respond positively when you talk to them.

  • Most of all, have fun, enjoying a long winter day, and spending quality time with your houseplants!

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