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How to Grow Cocozielli Squash - Long Gourds

Cocozielli squash

Do you want to grow a vegetable taller than a full grown man? Cocozielli is a squash found in Italy that can easily grow 5 to 10 feet long! It requires a lot of space.

You can grow them too! Follow the same process you do for growing squash. It is a natural climber. Give it plenty of room to grow and climb ,with a strong trellis, or fence. As it grows, your neighbors and friends will be absolutely amazed. In the fall, you can enter it in fall festivals and weighoffs. Or, sell some to your local grocery stores, which love to pick up novel fruits and vegetables either for sale or display.

In competitions, this squash is known as the "Long Gourd".

The World record for long squash (or gourds) is 121.5 inches, held by Todd Kline at Barrie, Ontario, Canada GPC site on Sept 16,2006

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