Growing Varieties of Beans

Green Beans

Many Varieties of Beans

There are many varieties of beans to grow. is a wide variety of beans Listed below, are some of the most popular varieties.

Did You Know? Mexican Jumping Beans jump to get out of the sunlight.

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Select varieties of beans for taste and texture

Blue Lake Bush – One of the most popular varieties of bush beans. Mouthwatering pods grow 6 inches long. Good fresh, canned or frozen.

Blue Lake Stringless Pole – Pole beans are great for a clean bean with an extended harvest period. Beans are dark green, smooth, with round pods that are tender and meaty.  Provide plants with something to climb.

Burpee’s Stringless – Tender, crisp, and stringless pods. Ideal fresh, or for canning.

Earliserve – This bush variety is a winner in taste tests, with a full, rich flavor. Stringless 4 inch pods are excellent fresh, canned, or frozen.

Gold Rush Yellow Wax – This bean is 5 1/4 inches long. The yellow wax pod is straight and hangs in clusters for easy picking. Very popular with home gardeners. Freezes well.

Gourmet Green Bush – here’s a stringless bean with great taste. Try growing this flavorful, 4 to 4 1/2 inch bean in a container on your deck.

Henderson Baby Lima – This small lima bean has a smooth and buttery flavor. It can be eaten fresh or dried and is great for freezing or canning.

Kentucky Wonder Wax Pole – This is an old fashioned heirloom variety. Beans are 6 to 9 inches long, slightly curved, golden yellow pods with brown seeds. A prolific producer of stringless, meaty pods.

Lima Bean, Fordhook 242 Bush –  This is a favorite variety with many home gardeners. It is tolerant to hot, dry weather. It is tasty fresh, canned, or frozen.

Livingston Sure Crop – Many who have tried this, call it the best bean for both home gardeners and professionals. High yield of 4 to 4 1/2 inch, crisp and tender pods, with a rich flavor.

Pencil Pod Black Wax – This stringless, yellow wax bean is long and round with black seeds. It is excellent fresh, frozen, or canned.

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Select varieites that fit your garden and gardening style.

Roma Bush II – Flat, broad, and smooth pods grow on an upright, bushy plant. High yields of tender, flavorful stringless pods.

Royal Burgundy – Novel, purple, 5 – 5 1/2 inch bean pods turn green when cooked. Excellent fresh or frozen.

Scarlet Runner Bean – This is known as an annual flowering vine to most gardeners. But, the young, tender beans are also edible.

Slenderette Bush – Smooth, stringless 5 inch, dark green pods hold small, white beans. This variety is delicious steamed, stir-fried or blanched.

Soybean – Edible soybeans are increasing in popularity for their high nutrition and protein. Can be eaten hot or cold. Try some in your garden this season.

Tenderette – This bean variety is a top performer. Super rich flavor and excellent pod quality. Bears over a longer period than other beans. Stringless, straight pods with white beans are perfect for fresh eating, freezing, or canning.

Top Crop Bush – Developed specifically for home gardens. A meaty, tasty bean, on upright, early, and productive plants.

White Half Runner Mountaineer – This plant is known for its early maturity and heavy yield. Five-inch pods are light green, round and tender, with a sweet flavor. These plants can be grown on a trellis, or as a bush bean.

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