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In 1876, W. Atlee Burpee was a young man seemingly destined to follow in his father’s and grandfather’s footsteps, and become a physician. Young Burpee had a keen interest in animal and plant breeding. Instead, he decided to follow his passion. He borrowed $1,000 from his mother and opened a poultry, livestock, and chicken mail order business.  It wasn’t long before he added seeds to his product line. Aided by his “Money Back Guarantee”, his business grew quickly.

By the 1890s, Burpee had become the largest seed company in the world, with exceptionally local customers.

Burpee instilled his passion for plant breeding into his company culture, and it continues to this day. Burpee Seed Company is well known for introducing new and exciting varieties.

George Ball Inc. purchased Burpee Seed Company in 1991. They have continued the passion, quality, customer service, and new product introductions and breeding programs.

As a result of these attributes, Burpee seeds are among, if not the highest-priced seeds on the market.

Today, the company is the world’s largest home garden seed and plant company.

Importantly: Burpee seeds are non-GMO  

Top U.S. Home Garden Seed Companies

Listed below in alphabetical order, are some of the top seed companies in America.     

Burpee – Top quality, noted for exciting new product introductions, premium prices

Ferry-Morse Seeds – Top-quality seeds, iron-clad “Guarantee to Grow”, value price

Lilly Miller – A Pacific Northwest favorite. Good quality, limited variety.

Livingston Seed Company. – Wide product line with many less common varieties, value-priced. 

Did You Know? Burpee, Ferry-Morse, Lilly Miller, and Livingston all got their start in the seed business in the 1800s.

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