How to Make Homemade Tomato Paste Recipe

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Tomato Paste Recipe Description

You’ve always wondered how to make your own homemade tomato paste. Well, you are about to find out how easy it is using this homemade tomato paste recipe.

It takes time to make a homemade paste. Of course, the key is to cook away the liquid content in the puree until it is very thick. It also requires stirring it occasionally to avoid burning the puree on the bottom of the pan.  However, like with other homemade foods, the result is rewarding. And, you can use the finished tomato paste in many recipes.

Did You Know? Tomatoes are native to South America. They were discovered in the 1600s and brought back to Europe. Why, that means before the 1600s, there was no tomato-based pizza or spaghetti sauce in Italy.

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Tomato Paste Ingredients

The only ingredient for tomato paste is tomatoes. Plum tomatoes are the best for making the paste, as they are meatier than other varieties, containing less water.

Start with about 4 pounds of washed plum tomatoes.

If you are going to can the finished paste, add one-half teaspoon of salt per pint of tomato paste. You can add the salt to the sauce at the beginning, or to the finished paste, as you can them.

As an option, you can add additional ingredients. The most commonly added items are basil or oregano. 

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Directions How to Make Tomato Paste

  1. First, peel and chop 4 pounds of tomatoes.

  2. Next, place them into a large pot, and simmer over low heat for 1 hour, stirring occasionally.

  3. Then, remove from heat and put through a tomato strainer to puree and remove seeds.

  4. Return the puree to the pot and cook slowly, stirring occasionally. This will take a few hours.

  5. The paste is done when it holds its shape on a spoon.

  6. The finished paste can be frozen or canned. Stir in one-half teaspoon of salt to each pint.

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