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July Gardening - Top Ten Growing Tips

Gardening Tip #1:  Powdery Mildew is a problem all over the planet. Watering only in the daytime, and keeping the leaves dry while doing so, is one way to avoid powdery mildew. Applying fungicides early and often, is another way to keep Powdery mildew away. More on Powdery Mildew

Gardening Tip #2: Birds know just when the blueberries are getting ripe. They go after them the day before you do. Many critters know just when to harvest the crops you have lovingly cared for. Many garden pests can be kept from feasting on your garden with pest netting. Pest netting and other pest control ideas

Gardening Tip #3: Timing is crucial when planting fall and second season crops. The declining hours of sunlight, and lower temperatures, means it will take longer for your fall crops to grow and mature. Check the days to maturity on the seed packet. Add a few days to this number. Then, count back from the normal first frost in your area.  More on Succession Planting

Gardening Tip #4: Be a "Deadheader"! You can extend the blooming period for many (but not all) flowers, by snipping off spent flower blooms as soon as the bloom is over. You guessed it...... it is called "Deadheading" More on Deadheading Flowers...

Gardening Tip #5: Plant pollination, specifically poor pollination, is a hot gardening topic in July. There are several potential causes. Once you have identified the cause, there is usually a cure, helping to ensure a successful crop. See the Plant Pollination Problems and  Pollination and the Single Pumpkin

Gardening Tip #6: Do you want to grow more organically? This naturally occurring chemical was first discovered in Epsom, England. You've probably just guessed what this natural plant supplement is. The magnesium and sulphur content is beneficial to your plants. More on Epsom Salts

Gardening Tip #7:  Pinch back Oregano plants, to keep them producing tender, new, young leaves. If you have the space, we find it is better, to start a second crop mid season.. right about now. The younger plants are more vibrant. More on Growing Oregano

Gardening Tip # 8: Garlic needs to be cured, before placing them into long term storage.  How to cure Garlic bulbs......

Gardening Tip #9: Take the time to prune tomato plants. The plants will reward you in many ways, including bigger fruit, larger yield, and healthier plants. Learn how to prune tomato plants..........

Gardening Tip #10: Garden Mulch has several benefits. Mulch will help to retain soil moisture that July's heat and dry weather tries to take out of your soil.  More on Garden Mulch.....

July Gardening Holidays :

July, First Sunday - Build a Scarecrow Day - for your garden, of course.

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