Top 10 August Gardening Tips

Tomato Garden Harvest

Something is going on in the garden world every month of the year. In August, a plethora of garden fruits and vegetables are ripening. Among other things, our August Gardening Tips focus is on keeping plants healthy and productive, and harvesting. And, the harvest is hitting its peak. What a great time to be a gardener!

Top Ten August Gardening Tips

Gardening Tip # 1: Plant disease is a serious growing problem, especially in hot, humid, and wet weather. Give plants a trim, to increase air circulation, and eliminate places where plant disease can thrive. more…….

Gardening Tip #2: Canning shifts into high gear in August. Cold foods can crack hot jars. Hot foods can crack cold jars. Warm or cool the jars accordingly. Much more on Canning 

Gardening Tip #3: Switch to fertilizers high in Potassium. This is the third number on fertilizer bags and containers. It promotes healthy plant growth and helps your plant to grow bigger fruits and vegetables. more…….

Gardening Tip #4: Blossom End Rot is evidenced by an ugly, dry, and cracked brown spot at the bottom of a tomato where the blossom was. It can happen on peppers, too. This problem can be completely eliminated, by a steady supply of water and sufficient calcium in the soil. More on Blossom End Rot…

Gardening Tip #5: Basil produces, better if it is cut back regularly. This produces a bushier plant. Younger plants grow much more vigorously than older plants. Start a small crop now, for fall harvest. more…….

Gardening Tip # 6: Got Deer!? They do not like the smell of Fabric Softener sheets. Hang used sheets around the edge of your garden. more…….

August is a Great Month as Every Gardener is in Their Gardens

Zucchini Squash 2016-01

Gardening Tip #7: Do you want to grow more organically, and save money at the same time!? Inexpensive rabbit food pellets are made up of nitrogen and phosphorus-rich alfalfa. Sprinkle it around your plants as a fertilizer! more…….

Gardening Tip #8: Grow pumpkins even bigger. Cover pumpkin vines to encourage secondary root growth. It’s one of the secrets of giant pumpkin growers. It works on other vining crops, too.  more…….  

Gardening Tip #9:  As you bring in the fruits of your gardening labor, fruit flies may enter your home, too. They can be controlled by a dish of cider vinegar and a few drops of dish soap.  Find out how.

Gardening Tip # 10: Keep slugs and snails away, by putting a layer of coarse sand around the plant or fruit (like pumpkins). They will not cross the coarse material.  more…….

Extra Garden Tip: Borage plants can be used as a companion plant with tomatoes, to deter Tomato Hornworms.

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August Garden Holidays

August 3 – National Watermelon Day – It’ll make your mouth water

August 5 – National Mustard Day – Are you a mustard grower?

August 8 – Sneak Some Zucchini Onto Your Neighbor’s Porch Day – one way to get rid of the excess.

August 29 – More Herbs, Less Salt Day – a day for herb growers to strut their stuff.

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