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We’ve got plenty for you to explore in the “Apple” section of The Gardener’s Net. Below is our Apple index to our many content pages. So, browse around and enjoy! They say there are literally several thousand varieties of apples grown around the world. Of these, a mere couple thousand varieties are grown in the U.S. The huge number of varieties makes sense, as apples are the most popular fruit of all. And, they’ve been around since day one. Hybrid and crosses have been created in dozens of countries.

Originating in Asia, apples have been spread around the world. Apples are by far the most popular of all fruits. Logically they are the most popular fruit tree grown by home gardeners. Are you thinking of growing your first apple tree? You have plenty of variety to choose from. You can select a full sized tree or dwarf varieties. The trees are easy to grow….. So, what are you waiting for!?!

Apple Index of Content Pages

Varieties – how do you select among several thousand varieties?

History – did someone say forbidden fruit!?!

Nutrition – find the basics, find the details

How to grow apples  growing apple trees is….. fruitful

Pruning – do this if you want your friends to say you’ve got big ones.

Insects and Disease – Yuck! But, if ‘ya grow ’em, ‘ya gotta know about this subject.

Storage – you’ll probably eat them first.

Recipes – Grab one, contribute one.

Apple Trivia – fun facts to share with friends

Grafting Fruit Trees – grow multiple varieties on one tree. 

Did you Know? December 1st is Eat a Red Apple Day

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