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 About Ferry Morse Garden Seeds

Ferry Morse Seeds

Ferry Morse Seed Company is one of America's oldest and most trusted garden seed companies. From 1856 onward, Ferry-Morse has been supplying the freshest and best garden seeds for the gardens of American gardeners.

Like your grandmother and grandfather, you can rely on Ferry Morse to provide you with the very best quality for your garden. With hundred of varieties of choose from, why shop anywhere else?

Plan on growing heirlooms? You will find many heirloom seed varieties among the selections, even in the organic line. Look for the word "Heirloom" in the product description.

Ferry Morse also has a large line of organic seeds.

All Ferry Morse seeds are non-GMO, just what the home gardener wants.


Ferry Morse Origin and History

The roots of Ferry Morse Seed Company goes back to 1856 in Detroit, Michigan. Milo T. Gardner, Dexter M. Ferry and Eber F. Church started a small seed company, called Gardener, Ferry and Church. In 1865, Dexter Ferry bought out Gardner and took control of the seed business. He later bought Church out as well.

In 1874, C.C. Morse founded a seed company in Santa Clara, CA. Morse was ill and sold the business to Dexter Ferry in 1877. The combined company was named Ferry Morse Seed Company. It wild eventually grow into tone of the largest and most respected seed companies in America.


Gardeners rely on the seed they plant. They expect it to germinate, and grow into the blooming, productive plants they’ve selected. If the seed is not good, their time and effort may be wasted -- a risk no gardener wants to take. So it’s just good sense for you to select Ferry-Morse, for the best quality for your money. They back up the quality of their product ,with their famous "Guarantee To Grow".

Who is the oldest seed company in America?

Ferry Morse - founded in 1856

Livingston Seed Company - founded in 1850

Garden Seed Trivia - Who created the seed packet?

Mr. Dexter Mason Ferry was the first to offer assortments of seeds packaged in packets for store owners to market. The variety of packets were tailored to the growing conditions in each store’s vicinity. Other companies soon followed Ferry Morse's lead.

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