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About Vidalia Onions

Vidalia Onions are the rage! This very large ,and very sweet onion, is popular for Bloomin' Onions and many other onion recipes. But, what kind of onions are they.......really!? 

Vidalia onions are defined by where they are grown,  and only partially by the variety of onion.

Vidalia onions are defined as a sweet onion, low in sulphur, that is grown in Georgia. They originated in Vidalia, Georgia. It was first grown by a farmer named Mose Coleman in 1931. At that time, sweet onions were not well known, or popular. The Vidalia onion gained much of its sweetness, largely due the lack of sulphur in the soil in the Vidalia area. Sulphur is what gives onions their pungent flavor.

 Vidalia onions are trademarked. Legally, you can not buy Vidalia onion seed, grow it in your area, and call the crop Vidalia onions. State and federal legislation defines only certain counties of Georgia, as producers of Vidalia Onions.

The seeds are short day, Granex type onion seeds. These include Yellow Granex, Texas Grano and other Granex varieties. These seed varieties are readily available. 

The combination of granex onion seeds, low sulphur soil and being grown in the Vidalia, Georgia area is what qualifies an onion to be called and sold as a "Vidalia onion".

In summary, you can buy and grow the same seed varieties used for growing Vidalia onions. But, only those grown in the designated area can be marketed and sold as Vidalia onions.  

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