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Varieties of Squash

Squash plants are notorious cross breeders. The result, is a wide number a varieties of squash..... Aren't we all lucky!?

Listed below are the most popular varieties, along with a few really neat varieties.

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Varieties of Squash:

Winter Squashes:

  • Acorn - This is an excellent bush-type winter squash. Try it in containers on your patio or deck. Great for baking and steaming. Easy to grow. Matures in 85 days.

  • Blue Hubbard - This large, sweet tasting squash has a blue-green rind, and superior quality, dark orange flesh. Grandpa used to crack this hard shelled squash on the driveway or sidewalk. Use it in fall decorating. Matures: 95-110 days.

  • Butternut - One of the most popular squash varieties. Vining plant is a heavy producer. Fruit is 8 to 10 inches, with long, cylindrical necks, and a very small seed cavity. Rind is creamy tan, and the flesh is yellow-orange with a deliciously sweet and nutty flavor. Long keepers. Matures: 100 days.   

  • Buttercup - A bush squash with sweet flavor, is good for small gardens. Delicious baked, steamed, or simmered. Matures in about 75 days.

  • Cushaw - This is an unusual, ornamental squash, with dark and light green stripes. It's also a great tasting edible.  Produces 10-12 pound fruits with golden flesh. Use this as an ornamental in fall decorating. Matures 95-110 days.

  • Delicata - this squash variety is an excellent choice for long term storage. Rich, sweet, yellow-orange flesh, with a with a white, green-striped rind. Tastes best steamed or baked. Matures: 100 days.

  • Spaghetti Squash - After cooking, this interesting squash can be pulled out in strands similar in appearance to spaghetti. It's popular with kids. Matures: 80-95 days.

  • Turk's Turban - This highly festive squash (some call it a pumpkin, some call it a gourd) has vivid colors of orange, red, and white with dark green markings. It's great for fall decorating. Its edible, too! Use it in any squash recipe. Matures: 95-110 days.

Summer Squashes:

  • Bush Scallop Patty Pan - There are white and yellow varieties. Scalloped, pie shaped fruit are 4-5 inches in diameter. The fine grained flesh is thick, tender, green-tinged with white. It's a prolific producer. Matures: 45-55 days.

  • Cocozelle - This is an Italian Zucchini with a bush habit. Excellent for the garden and containers.  Flesh is firm and greenish-white. Use it for slicing, frying, and steaming. It is a good squash for freezing and canning.

  • Early Prolific Straightneck -  As its name implies, this space-saving variety produces prolific yields. It can be steamed, stuffed, baked or used fresh from the garden in salads. Matures: 45 days.

  • Summer Crookneck -  This squash variety is known for its great taste and ease in growing.  It has a distinctive buttery flavor and is deep yellow in color, with a curved neck and plump bottom end. It is delicious fresh from the garden, fried, steamed, baked, or grilled. Matures: 48-55 days.

  • Zucchini - Widely popular, extremely prolific producer. With just a few plants, you'll have enough to feed family and friends. Best picked when 6 -8 inches long. Matures in 50-60 days.

Garden Recipes:

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More Information:

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