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 About Livingston Seed Company

Livingston Seed Company was founded in 1850 by Alexander Livingston. Alexander. Livingston developed the first reliable tomato variety and cultivated a total of 31 varieties under the name “Buckeye Garden Seed Company”. The first of these was the Paragon, introduced in 1870.

Under Livingston, the  Buckeye Garden Seed Company was first to attempt seed hybridization of tomatoes. His hard work fine-tuned the tomato into the fruit we know today.

With the economic crash of 1876, the company filed for bankruptcy. It was Mr. Livingston’s son, Robert who reformed the company under the name “A.W. Livingston’s Sons” and continued his father’s success. In 1898, the company was incorporated as “Livingston’s Seed Company” and continued as a family run business until 1979. Alexander Livingston’s great-grandson, Alan, sold the business to Mr. Forest Randolph. He changed the name to “Superior Seed Company”, but Mr. Randolph’s ownership was brief. By 1980 Mr. Robert Johnston had acquired the company and changed the name back to Livingston Seed Company.

The original Livingston Seed Company sold bulk seed: grass seed, vegetable seeds, and flower seeds. As the company grew, they entered the packet seed market for home gardeners. They currently sell over 500 varieties of seeds, some of which are less common, yet sought after varieties.

Livingston Seed Company continues to search out new varieties for home gardeners.

Importantly: Livingston seeds are non-GMO

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Annual Flowers

Perennial Flowers

Vegetable Seeds

Herb Seeds

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