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Lawn Weeds

Lawns, flower gardens and vegetable gardens are under a constant attack from weeds. You can never get rid of them for long. And, they keep coming back.

Most of us simply handle weeds in our lawns with a "Weed and Feed" fertilizer application once a year. If applied correctly, at the right time, and with no rain for a day or two after application, this tends to be quite effective on a wide variety of weeds.

Some persistent weeds require stronger and repeat application of weed killers. For this, there are a variety of weed killers that can be mixed in a sprayer and directly applied to problem areas. There are also spray bottles that you can use to spray individual weeds or small areas.

Part of your effective weed control program is a thick and healthy lawn. If your lawn is thick, it crowds out some weeds and does not give new weed seeds a chance. So, put your lawn in the best position to beat those weeds. You may even find that on occasion, you can skip an application as your healthy lawn is weed free!

A few of us go after persistent lawn weeds by hand. There's that one little dandelion that pops up a couple of weeks after the weed killer was applied. Or, a small patch of ground ivy that resists the weed killer. If you are going to attack a few weeds by hand, make sure to pull out the weed and all of the roots. Take a bag of grass seed with you. Generously sprinkle some grass seed on the spot so new weeds will not be able to take over.

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Did You Know? Even weeds get their day! See Weed Appreciation Day.

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