Top 10 November Gardening Tips

Gourds Varieties

For most of us, the gardening season is over. This month, we pause to give thanks to our God for the bountiful harvest of the season just ended. Our November Gardening Tips turn back to caring for houseplants. 

Top Ten November Gardening Tips

Gardening Tip # 1:  As you put away garden tools and equipment, make sure they are cleaned thoroughly sharpened as needed, and in good condition.  Then, they will be ready and waiting for you in the spring. Perhaps a few new tools should be added to your Christmas list. more…….

Gardening Tip #2: Winter can be hard on bushes and shrubs. Snow and ice can do a lot of damage. With other food sources more scarce by the day, deer turn to arborvitaes and other shrubs. You can protect them with garden netting.  more…….

Gardening Tip #3: Like gardening, Bird Watching is a huge hobby. Help your fine feathered friends to survive the winter, with the right seed. Bird Seed Feeding Chart

Gardening Tip #4: Got leftover Fall Bulbs? Try forcing bulbs to bloom this winter. It’s both fun and rewarding. more ……

Gardening Tip #5: A healthy soil pH is essential for plant growth. We check our garden soil. But, do you ever think to check it for your houseplants? more…….

Gardening Tip # 6: Didn’t get to winterize your roses? It’s an important task. It’s not too late. more…….

Gardening Tip #7: Aloe plants make great indoor houseplants. The sap from them is soothing. more…….

In November We Pause to Give Thanks for the Bountiful Harvest

Ornamental Corn

Gardening Tip #8:  Wheatgrass is a healthy vegetable. Try growing it indoors in a container. more…….  

Gardening Tip #9: Most of our garden recipes use fresh vegetables. In many of them, you can substitute with canned or frozen veggies. more…….

Gardening Tip # 10:  Don’t stop composting just because the winter months are arriving. Saving scraps for composting is a rich and rewarding, year-round garden task.  more…….

Bonus Garden Tip: Next year’s Farmer’s Almanac is on bookshelves. It’s invaluable reading. More….

November Garden Holidays

November 10 – Forget-Me-Not Day

Fourth Thursday in November – Thanksgiving

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