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Did you know that Sparrows are not native to North America? This may be hard to believe, considering the fact that sparrows are one of the most populous birds in North America!

House Sparrows, also called English Sparrows, were introduced into the U.S. in the 1850's .It was believed that these song birds were big insect eaters, and could help to control insect populations. In reality, sparrows' diet is less than 10 percent insects. The majority of their insect consumption is to feed their hatchlings.

 There are 12 subspecies of sparrows. These birds are now be found all around the world.

Sparrow Identification:

Chances are you've seen many sparrows. These brown and gray birds, are about 6 inches long. They are year round residents, and do not migrate.

They are year round residents, who populate bird feeders in big numbers.

Sparrow eggs hatch in 11 days. Hatchlings spend 14 days in the nest.

Did you know? Sparrows live up to 23 years!

sparrow pictures

Sparrow Habitat and Diet:

Sparrows eat grains, seeds, insects, nectar. They are also fond of breads.

Looking to attract sparrows to your bird feeder? It's a cinch, as they like millet, which is common in bird seed mixtures. See Bird Seed Feeding Chart.

Sparrows live in a wide range of areas, including fields, open lands, urban and suburban areas. They avoid woods, and desert regions.

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