Bird Seed Chart

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Bird Seed Chart for Backyard Birds

Looking to attract specific birds to your backyard? Like you and me, each bird has a different seed preference. Use this bird seed chart to identify the specifc seeds your favorite birds like. Coax them to your bird feeder with the right seed!

Baltimore OrioleNectar, oranges, apples, berries, peanut butter black 
Black Capped ChickadeeSafflower, Sunflower seed, Suet
Blue JayAcorns, peanuts, Sunflower seed
Brown-Headed CowbirdMillet
CardinalSunflower seeds, Safflower
Common GrackleCracked Corn, Millet
Dark-Eyed JuncoMillet, Thistle
GoldfinchSunflower seeds, Thistle
House FinchMillet, Sunflower seeds 
House SparrowMillet, Thistle
Mourning DoveMillet, Cracked corn
Northern MockingbirdFruit, Sunflower seed
NuthatchSunflower seeds
Purple FinchSunflower seed, Thistle
Red-Winged BlackbirdCracked Corn, Millet
Rose Breasted GrosbeakSunflower, Safflower, Raw Peanuts
Sparrow – House, Song, Tree, White-ThroatedMillet
StarlingMilo, Suet
Tufted TitmouseSunflower seeds
Woodpecker – Downy, HairySunflower seeds, Suet
Goldfinch Bird 03

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