Varieties of Pumpkins and Jack O'Lanterns

Pumpkin Varieties
Cucurbita Flaticon

Endless Varieties of Pumpkins

Everyone loves pumpkins. With literally hundreds of varieties of pumpkins to choose from, there’s a favorite pumpkin or two for us all. We are blessed with lots of varieties, because pumpkins, members of the Cucurbita family, are notorious cross breeders. They readily cross breed with some varieties of squash, too. And, the little miniature pumpkins, which are actually gourds, show crossbreeding characteristics bringing us a plethora of interesting colors shapes, and sizes. While gardeners are fortunate to have all of these varieties to choose from and grow in the pumpkin patch finding pumpkin seeds for the variety you choose may or may not be a challenge. For uncommon varieties of pumpkins, we suggest you do an online search. Find pumpkin seeds.

Did you Know? A pumpkin is a pumpkin until it is carved. Then, it is a Jack O’Lantern. See more on Pumpkin Carving

While there are hundreds of varieties of pumpkins, most seed companies offer just a handful of varieties. It may take quite a search to find the more uncommon and rare varieties. Sometimes fellow gardeners save the seeds of unique varieties from year to year. 

Listed below are some of the pumpkin varieties we have found:

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Miniature Varieties of Pumpkins

Baby BooOff WhiteCute, miniature, white pumpkins. It will make your Halloween even spookier! 
Jack B. Little (JBL)OrangeThis little pumpkin fits in the palm of your hand. The fruit is orange with deep ribs. While it is tiny, it has a HUGE presence for fall decorating.

Note: Jack B. Little is the most popular variety found in the pumpkin patch. It is the best known of the miniature varieties. 

White Pumpkin

Small to Medium Sized Pumpkin Varieties

Autumn GoldGolden Orange Early to ripen, thick orange flesh. Good for baking. 7-10 pounds.
CasperOff WhiteFlesh is very hard. Certain to be a standout attraction in the pumpkin patch, and in Fall and Halloween displays.
Fairy TaleOrange-ish TanA unique and popular French “cheese” pumpkin. Deeply lobed shape. Fine-grained flesh is delicious in your favorite recipe. Long keeper. 15-18 pound average.
JaradaleGreyish BlueAustralian pumpkin cross between Blue Hubbard and Cinderella. Deep ribs, thick orange flesh. Good for cooking.
SpooktacularOrangeSmall fruits are good for little tykes. At about 85 days, they are ready to harvest earlier than others. 
Wee Be LittleOrangeJust 3 inches in diameter, round grows to about a pound. Great for carving or painting. They are tasty, too!

Large Field Pumpkin Varieties

Appalachian F1Dark OrangeSemi-bush variety. High yield, excellent handles.
Aspen F1Deep, Rich OrangeLarge, attractive fruit medium ribs and with good handles. 18-20 pounds.
Big AutumnOrangeAttractive for displays or carving. Good for baking, too. Autumn Gold’s big brother at 12-16 pounds.
CinderellaReddish OrangeThis is a very popular French heirloom variety. The fruit is flattened and deeply ribbed. It almost looks like a cheese wheel. 25 – 35 pound fruit, which is both beautiful and tasty. 
Connecticut FieldBright OrangeTraditional pumpkin color with ribbed rind, and deep yellow, coarse flesh. Great for carving or canning. 15 to 25 pounds. A home garden favorite.
Ghost RiderDark OrangeRound ribs rind and dark green stem, with yellow-orange flesh. 15-30 pounds.
Gold RushBright OrangeShiny, ribbed skin, 4 inch long handles, thick and heavy flesh. 20-35 pounds. 
Harvest Jack F1Dark OrangeEasy to grow, high yielding variety, averages 25-30 pounds. Long handledLong-handled fruit makes great, large Jack O’Lanterns.
HowdenOrangeIt makes a good carving pumpkin. Big, strong stem. 20-30 pounds.
Howden BiggieOrangeBig pumpkin, thick stem.
Jack of All Trades F1Bright OrangeMakes a great Jack O’Lantern. Early to mature fruit with shallow ribs is attractive with a strong green handle. 15-25 pounds. 
Jack O’LanternBright Orange Simply named, this is the common pumpkin grown for carving. Ribbed shell. 
Jalhrude / Australian BlueGreenish Blue Here’s a unique conversation piece pumpkin. This pumpkin is deeply ribbed. 
Jumpin JackDeep Golden OrangeVery large, well-handled fruit. Pumpkins are taller than wide. 
Rouge D’EtantReddish OrangeThis small-sized, interestingly attractive color.
White Pumpkins

Cooking/Pie Pumpkin Varieties

Amish  PieDull OrangeThis is a popular and tasty heirloom, great for baking pies and other recipes. Flat-ish, ribbed fruit.
Baby BearDeep OrangeAll America Selection Winner. 1-2 pounds, slightly flat fruits. Good for baking.
Happy JackDark OrangeBest for baking and canning. 16-22 pounds.
Sweet Sugar PieOrangeSmall, round 5-7 pound fruit. Sets the standard for baking and cooking. As its name implies, its pulp is sweet.

Varieties of Giant Pumpkins

You’ll need a big pumpkin patch to grow these monsters. But it’s both a challenge and rewarding.

Big MaxOrange-RedSoft skinned, good shape. 30-50 pounds.
Big MoonOrangeGreat for the show, round with good color. 50-200 pounds.
Dill’s Atlantic Giant PumpkinsLight, dull OrangeThe Grandaddy of them all. Grow for record-breaking size. Fruit is often flat-ish, rarely round. 
Mammoth GoldGolden OrangeHeirloom, more orange than gold. Nearly round, ribbed fruit, Thick, pale orange flesh. 40-60 pounds.
PrizewinnerOrangeExcellent shape, much oranger than Atlantic Giant. 50-200 pounds. 
Show WinnerWhiteImpressive giant fruit has a good, round shape. 
Giant SquashPale Green White Competition fruit similar to Atlantic Giant pumpkin, but no orange color. Up to 1,000 pounds or more.
Wyatt’s WonderDeep OrangeGreat color, good shape. 100-200 pounds.

Garden Tip: Soak these big pumpkin seeds before planting


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Novelty Varieties of Pumpkins

These varieties will look good growing in the pumpkin patch. And they will be a conversation piece when used for fall decorating.

Fairy TaleBright OrangeHeirloom pumpkin is perfect for baking. Unique, deeply ribbed shape.
PeanutOrange with brown bumps hisThis truly unique pumpkin is pink with beige bumps, resembling peanuts covering its surface.
Pumpkin on a StickDeep reddish orangeA truly fascinating plant. An eggplant,orange  is quite novel. Use it to WOW fellow gardeners and passersby. Great for fall craft projects, and floral arrangements. 
Red WartyRed OrangeThis lumpy pumpkin will make your weird and eerie Halloween display stand out. Weighs up to 20 pounds. Use it in a wide range of Fall and Halloween decorating. It’s also an excellent eating pumpkin with sweet, stringless flesh.

Pumpkin Recipes

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