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Tree Stump Removal Techniques

You finally cut down that big, old, sick and unsightly tree in your yard. Now, all that's left is an unattractive stump. You could just leave it there and let nature do its thing. But, that may take a long, long time. And, many trees produce suckers, as the root system tries to regenerate the tree. The production of suckers can go on for many years, until the root system finally runs out of energy. You begin to wonder just how you are going to remove it.

Here are several ways rid your yard of unsightly tree stumps. Use method that looks like it will work best for you.

Call a Stump Removal Company - It's quick, easy, and.... pricey. Look up local companies on the internet and give 'em a call. They will come out with a big grinder, and grind it out well down below the soil level.

Chop it up with an Axe or Stump Grinder - The professionals will use a very big stump grinder. The do-it-yourselfer can rent a smaller version. Or, you can chop it with an exe, which is a very laborious task.

Dig it Out - If the stump is small enough, you can dig it out, and chop off some of the roots as you go. This works well with smaller trees, bushes and shrubs.

Buy a Chemical Stump Remover - It speeds up the process, but it also puts a chemical into your yard. Follow the directions carefully for use.

Soak the Stump in a Salt Solution -  Drill 1/2" to 1" holes into the stump about 8 inches deep. Use Epsom salt to fill the holes. Seal the holes with wax. This will speed up the process. Do not use regular salt, as it can be harmful to your soil.

Burn It - Drill 1/2" to 1" holes into the stump about 8 inches deep. Fill the holes with Kerosene. Then light the kerosene. Check local burning laws. It can also cause potential fire, so we do not recommend this technique.

Shield the Stump from the Sun - Place a tarp over the stump, or cover it with several inches of mulch. This works well to kill the suckers, by denying them sunlight they need to survive. The stump will probably take 3-6 months or longer to rot.

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