Rose Insect Control and Treatment

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Common Rose Bush Insect Pests

The most common insect pest of rose bushes are aphids, followed closely by beetles. Fortunately, you can effectively treat and guard against both of these pests. Early and regular treatment is recommended. Don’t wait until pests have taken up residence on the rose bush, or in the flower. Start your rose insect control regimen today.

Aphids and Other Sucking Insects

Aphids are a very common problem. They attach themselves to the stem and the top and bottom of the leaves. Aphids suck in the juices from the plant, weakening it and leaving it open to disease. They quickly multiply into an unsightly mass if untreated, and you will not want to cut the flower and bring it indoors.

Aphids and most other sucking insects are easily treated. There are also a variety of insecticides that will effectively eliminate this problem. Organic gardeners use insecticidal soaps. A wide range of insecticides and insecticidal soaps can be purchased at a garden store or made at home.

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When it comes to rose insect control, beetles are the second most common enemy of your rose bush. Japanese beetles are the most common. They like to harbor in the flower and can quickly destroy it. Once you have spotted them, it is too late for that particular bloom.

Apply Malathion, Diazinon, or other insecticides at the first sign of these pests and on a regular basis.

For organic control of Japanese Beetles, garlic plants are believed to ward them off. Plant Garlic as a companion plant near the bushes. Garlic sprays will also deter them.

Plenty of other insects like your rose bushes as much as you do. Most of them are effectively treated with insecticides. There are “systematic” insecticides that the plant absorbs into its system and will provide effective protection for several weeks.

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