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Types of Roses

The world of roses boasts hundreds of varieties. There is literally a rose (or two, or three, or…….) variety to suit everyone’s taste. Rose growers and horticulturalists are constantly striving to breed new varieties of roses. The varieties abound. And, new ones come on the scene on a regular basis.  These varieties are sorted into three types of roses, identified largely by their growth habit. 

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Types of Roses

Hybrid Tea Roses

These are the type of rose bushes that the average person is most familiar with. They are characterized by bushy plants that produce rather large roses on long, straight stems. These bushes typically grow four to six feet tall. An untended bush can grow much taller. Each stem will typically produce from one to three rosebuds and sometimes several. Gardeners will often clip off buds, leaving a single bud to grow big and full. The buds are normally full, with numerous layers of petals.

Hybrid tea rose bushes are the most popular type of rose home gardens. They are perfect for flower vases, decorations, corsages, bouquets, and gift giving. Be careful when giving roses as a gift. Make sure you know the meaning of each color before you give them out.

Floribunda Rose or Climbing Rose

This family of roses is characterized by their vining and climbing nature. Climbing roses will grow up and around trellises, fencing, and just about any upright support they find. Climbing roses must be provided a means of climbing to fulfill their potential. Left unsupported, they will climb up a few feet only to fall over, often resulting in broken stems. Climbing roses can easily grow over ten feet high in a single season.

Floribundas are characterized by a profusion of blooms in groups. The flowers are a single circle of petals and lack the deep, full look of Hybrid teas. But, when they fill an arbor or trellis in full bloom, they look and smell spectacular.

Miniature Roses

These are the smallest plants in the rose world. While they do not get anywhere near as much attention as their cousins, they are not to be overlooked. There are many ideal places for miniature roses. Miniature roses are great in small places or rock gardens, where space and height are constrained. Miniature roses grow one to three feet in height and take up about a foot in diameter. Several rose plants can be grown close together. A flower bed filled with miniature rose bushes is an eye-appealing delight.

Miniature roses are often grown in containers. That means anyone can grow them on their patio or deck!

The flowers of miniature roses are not as full as Hybrid teas. They make great decorations, especially in small vases and containers.

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