How to Control Garden Spider Mites

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Controlling Spider Mites

Spider mites and be a real pest in the garden. These teeny, tiny bugs can infest your plants, sucking on the plant juices. Mites will lay their eggs on the plant leaves, but they may be quite hard to see. A tell-tale sign is the presence of small cobweb-like tents on the sides and undersides of leaves. Another sign is yellowing or speckled leaves. Spider mites like hot, dry weather. They are less of a problem in wet weather. Like other garden insects, controlling spider mites is important for healthy garden plants.

Chemical Controls

Spider mites can be controlled by most general-purpose insecticides. The downside is that these chemicals are harmful to the environment, and to you. And, do not use chemicals to control them in your vegetable garden.

How to Control Spider Mites Organically

Chemical controls may be okay for the home, yard, or even the flower garden. But, vegetable gardeners usually prefer to keep the chemicals out of the food they ultimately consume.

Here are some organic controls:

  • Add one ounce of salt to a gallon of water. Spray the area affected. Important note: Too much salt can be harmful to your plants.

  • Encourage beneficial insects- ladybugs, and lacewings.

  • Mix 1 cup of rubbing alcohol with a quart of water. Spray plants.

  • Coriander also repels them. Use it in a spray, mixed with water.

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