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How to Repel Deer Organically

Home gardeners are well aware of just how difficult it is to keep deer out of their gardens. Many turn to expensive repellent sprays, that need to be reapplied regularly. You can make your own organic deer repellent. Or, buy organic repellents at your local garden store.

Listed below is the recipe for an inexpensive homemade and organic deer repellent.

How to Make Homemade Deer Repellents

Put 2 or 3 old eggs in a blender along with 2 Tablespoons of finely minced garlic, a generous dash or two of cayenne pepper & Tobasco sauce. Add 1 cup of water with a couple of drops of any cooking oil. Puree this and strain it. Then, put it into a spray bottle. Spray once a week on flowers, shrubs, or any other plants you want to protect.

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Other Organic Deer Control Methods

Deer Netting Sheets and Tree Bags- This is another, very effective deer control method. Deer netting is lightweight and easy to setup/takedown. Shrub and tree netting can be used year-round, protecting trees and shrubs in winter from roaming deer. The green color lets this garden netting blend into the natural setting. Garden nylon mesh netting sheets can be used on larger trees, and as a cover for flowers and vegetables.

Deer Control Protections for Gardens – Much more ideas on how to keep the deer out.

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