Plant Layering, a Plant Propagation Technique

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About Plant Layering

When we think of plant propagation, seeds always come to mind first. But, for many plants, there are other ways to propagate them.  Plant Layering is a simple and easy method of propagating plants, to produce new plants that are genetically identical to the mother plant. 

This propagation technique does not work on all plants. It works well on many soft wooded shrubs and bushes, and some perennials. 

For best results, use Plant Layering in the spring or early summer. It is important that the branch is healthy and vibrant.

How to Propagate Plants with Plant Layering

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Here’s how to use this technique:

  1. Select a healthy, vigorous, and young plant shoot or branch.

  2. Bend the branch to the ground.

  3. Cover the branch with soil, where it meets the ground.

  4. Use a stake to keep it in contact with the ground. Or, place a rock or brick on it to hold it down.

  5. Keep the soil moist.

  6. In about 2-3 weeks, it should have developed a root system.

  7. Cut the branch just before the new root system.

  8. It is now ready to be planted.

Plant Layering Works For:

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