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Canning Jellies and Fruits - There's Nothing Sweeter

Some people say there’s nothing sweeter than home canning jellies and fruits. Millions of gardeners and homeowners make their own jams and jellies. Then, they can them for future use. Many of these canned jellies become gifts for birthdays and holidays. 

Why do people go through the extra effort and time in today’s world? The answer is consistently because it tastes great! There is nothing better than homemade jellies…simple as that.

Recipes abound. All you really need is your favorite recipe or a new one, some fruit, sugar, and a little Pectin. Pectin causes the jams and jellies to thicken or “jell”.

Now let’s see if you know your jams from your jellies:

Jams consist of chopped or crushed fruit and sugar.  

Jellies are clear spreads, made cooking fruit, sugar and Pectin, and then putting it through a strainer.

Conserve is made by adding nuts, dried fruits or spice to jam.


Preserves are “chunk style” jams. The pieces of fruit are larger than in jam.


Marmalade is jam made from citrus fruit. The most common one is Orange Marmalade.

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Canning Jellies and Fruits Safety

Proper canning and sealing are very important. Make sure to follow recipes carefully to assure food is safe. More on Canning

Did You Know?

 The USDA no longer recommends an open kettle boiling water bath. They recommend only using pressure canning. Despite this recommendation, a large number of home canners still use a boiling water bath.

Tips for Safe Use of Home Canned Foods

To assure safe use of your canned foods, follow these safety guidelines:

Discard the contents if:

  • If the seal of a stored jar is broken or the lid is bulging, discard the contents.

  • If the contents are discolored.

  • The smell is not normal in any way.

When opening the jar listen for the familiar sound of air as you pry open the lid. The air is entering the jar.

Cook the food before tasting it.

Our rule of thumb: When in doubt, throw it out.

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