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Kale - Benefits and Nutrition

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Kale is heralded as the new "Super Food". That's because the benefits and nutritional value of Kale leaves, are nothing less than spectacular.  

Health conscious Americans are now eating Kale on a frequent basis, in a wide variety of recipes. If Kale is new to you, get started by adding it to garden salads, soups, and can be mixed into vegetable smoothies. Kale can also be cooked, like spinach.

Even if you do not like Kale, the health benefits makes it a very worthwhile addition to your diet.

Nutritional Value of Kale

Basically, Kale is high in the "good stuff", and low in the "bad stuff":

Per the USDA Database:

Nutritional Values (Raw):
Protein .68 g
Fat .15 g
Carbohydrates 1.4 g
Fiber .6 g
Sugars .36 g
Calcium 24 mg
Potassium 79
Sodium 6
Vitamin C 19
Vitamin K 112.8 mg
Vitamin A 1678 mg

Tip: To retain healthy nutrients, cook Kale for only a short period of time

Health Benefits of Kale

Eating Kale results in many health benefits:

  • Helps to prevent Cancer - Kale contains healing compounds in the pigments and cells of the leaves. There are antioxidants and over 45 flavonoids, which can potentially prevent cancer.
  • Helps to prevent and control Diabetes - helps to balance blood sugars and slows rise of blood sugar
  • Aids weight management.- it's a low calorie, low carb food.
  • Aids in liver health
  • Aids in digestion - high fiber content
  • Helps lower cholesterol - high fiber
  • lowers risk of cataracts
  • lowers risk of macular eye degeneration

Health Note: The high levels of Vitamin K in Kale, can make blood thinners less effective. Consumption of Kale should be restricted, or avoided entirely, for individuals on blood thinners.

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