How to Grow Parsley Hamburg Rooted

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About Parsley Hamburg Rooted

Did you know that Hamburg Rooted Parsley is easy to grow? While most people think of this as an herb plant, it is actually a vegetable, grown for its flavorful roots.  Use this handy “How to Grow Hamburg Rooted Parley” guide to help you grow a great crop in your home garden.

You can use the roots to flavor soups, and stews.

Did You Know? The roots are good for you. It is loaded with vitamins A, C, Calcium, and Iron.

Botanical Name: Petroselinum Crispum Var. Tuberosum

Planting Parsley Hamburg Rooted Seeds

Sow seeds early in the spring., as early as the ground can be worked. Sow just seeds 1/8 inch deep.

Final spacing should be 6 inches apart. These small seeds are hard to spread. Plan on thinning out seedlings after they reach 1 2 inches tall.

How to Grow Parsley Hamburg Rooted Plants

It’s easy to grow!

Grow plants in full sun to partial shade.

Before planting, work the soil to a foot deep, removing rocks, sticks, and debris. If the soil is hard, add ample amounts of loam, compost, or peat moss. This will allow the roots to grow down into the soil, unimpeded.

Soil should be rich, and well-drained.

Keep soil moist, not wet. Dry soils will cause the roots to fork and split.

Add a general-purpose fertilizer once a month during the growing season.

Thin plants to 6 inches apart.

Keep plants well weeded, especially while they are young.

Ideal Soil pH: 5.5 – 7.0. Ideal Soil pH by vegetable.

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Plant Problems

Soil Temperatures – Ideal germination temperature by vegetable

Parsley Hamburg Rooted - Insects and Pests

Occasionally root maggots can be a problem.

Plant Disease

Parsnips are relatively free of disease problems.

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Harvest Time

Days to Maturity: 70 – 90 days.

Begin to use roots when they are 5-6 inches long.

The leaves can be harvested and used the same way as regular parsley (the herb).

Roots can be stored in the ground, or a cool/cold shed, often into early winter in most areas.

Plant Hardiness

Parsley Hamburg Rooted plants are somewhat hardy. They will withstand cold weather and a light frost.

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