How to Grow Jerusalem Artichoke

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About Jerusalem Artichoke

The Jerusalem Artichoke plant is a tuber, or root crop, and tastes somewhat like potatoes with a nutty flavor. The plants grow six to eight feet tall with sunflower-like blooms. They are very uncommon in the home garden. Their lack of popularity stems more from a lack of awareness than flavor. As a result of this article, we hope it incites you to learn how to grow Jerusalem Artichoke and try it for the first time in your home garden. You’ll be glad that you did!

Jerusalem Artichokes are nothing like their cousin the Globe Artichoke.

Varieties of Jerusalem Artichokes

There are few varieties of Jerusalem Artichokes.

How to Grow Jerusalem Artichoke - Planting

Jerusalem Artichokes like soft soil, rich with plenty of compost and good drainage.

Plant Artichoke and grow them just like potatoes. Sow “eyes” three to four inches deep. Separate 18 inches in the rows, and space rows three feet apart.

Grow and care for Jerusalem Artichokes like potatoes. Mound dirt up around the base of the plant and make sure tubers are covered.

Application of fertilizer and mulch will be rewarded by healthier plants and a larger harvest.

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How to Grow Jerusalem Artichokes - Insects and Plant Disease

Slugs and snails like the leaves and stems. Root maggots can sometimes infest the tubers, but not often.

Disease: Blights and fungus can affect plants, especially in wet, humid weather.

Harvesting Jerusalem Artichokes

Harvest Artichokes late in the season for individual meals, being careful not to disturb the root system any more than necessary. After the first frost in your area, dig out the remaining roots.

Jerusalem Artichoke Plant Hardiness

Jerusalem Artichokes are very susceptible to frost. But you can be growing artichoke right up to the first frost.

If frost is in the weather forecast, cover-up artichoke plants to extend the growing season.

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