Diagnosing Garden Plant Problems - Causes and Cures

Tomato Plant Sick

About Plant Problems

Is there a doctor in the house!? When your plants are growing well, gardening is a breeze! However, when plant problems arise in the rose garden, the herb garden, or the pumpkin patch, gardening can get a little frustrating. Suddenly you find yourself in the role of Plant Doctor, without any formal education in the field of diagnosing and healing sick plants.

Well, Doctor, we’ve always said that part of the fun of gardening, is learning new things. The first step is to diagnose plant problems. Put on your investigator’s cap, examine the symptoms, identify the causes, and administer the cure (most are quite simple). And learn some new “stuff”, too.

We hope that whatever problem brought you here will be answered in this section and will be a simple prescription.

Important: Symptoms and causes are not the same things, although they are directly related. A symptom is what you observe. A cause is “Why” the symptom exists, and what created the symptom.

Pumpkin Plant Disease

Types of Plant Problems

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