Organic Liquid Fish Fertilizer

Fish Fertilizer

Plants Love Liquid Fish Fertilizer

This is not just another fish story. But, it is a “tail” from the sea. Avid gardeners who also happen to be avid fishermen have known the value of this rich fish emulsion in the garden And, they have used it for a long time. Not a fisherman? No problem! Garden stores offer fish fertilizers loaded with minerals and micro-nutrients. And, store-bought organic liquid fertilizer is de-odorized….. well almost.

Farmers know about the value of fish remains, too. And they actively seek out sources of fish remains, to spread on their fields. Many fishermen bring home and bury the remains of their catch under shrubs, bushes, and trees when planting them. And….yes, on occasion, a cat or wild critter will dig up this buried treasure from the sea.

Fish fertilizer, or fish emulsion, is a popular liquid fertilizer. It is vital for organic gardeners, who seek all-natural fertilizers. It contains a wealth of vitamins, amino acids, enzymes, and growth hormones. Its natural properties, and lower nitrogen levels, will not burn plants. It promotes the growth of beneficial nematodes and makes the soil less compact. Liquid fish fertilizer aids in producing a healthier plant, which is less susceptible to fungus disease and insect damage.

Here is an interesting tidbit: Farmers who use fish fertilizer, report few problems with deer!

Did you Know? Giant pumpkin growers swear by liquid fish fertilizer and liquid seaweed fertilizer. It has helped them to produce giant pumpkins in excess of  2000 pounds! Most, if not all, competitive growers include both fish fertilizer and seaweed fertilizer regularly in their overall fertilization program.

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