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Lilac Varieties

By most accounts, there are over one thousand varieties of lilacs. That's right, over one thousand varieties! Lilacs originate in the Balkans and Eastern Europe. There are also a large variety of Asian Lilacs.

Lilac lovers enjoy a wide range of colors, sizes and types of blooms. The most common Lilac colors are "Lilac", lavender, white, pink, blue, and purple, with many shades of these colors. There is single and double petal varieties. Bushes can grow tall, as much as 30 feet. And, there are dwarf sizes which only grow about three feet high.

The largest collection of lilac bushes in one place, is Highland Park in Rochester, N.Y. which boasts over 500 varieties.

Of particular note, is the less known California Lilac bushes, or Ceanothus. This Lilac bush is native to California and western U.S. If you live in this area, you likely know of them.

Did you Know? While most lilacs bloom in the spring, there are a few varieties that bloom in the summer.

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