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Gardening is a rewarding and relaxing hobby, that lasts a lifetime. As we become more experienced and dedicated (aka Fanatical!) in our gardening endeavors, we look for ways to extend the hobby. A backyard home hobby greenhouse provides that extension, both spring and fall. It opens up a new world of gardening possibilities.

If you live in milder, more southerly areas of the country, you can grow flowers, vegetables, and herbs all winter long, inside of your greenhouse. How cool is that!? 

Greenhouse Reviews:

As you explore purchasing your first greenhouse, you need to identify what model(s) meet your needs. Greenhouses come in styles to fit just about every need. The wide range of prices, makes a hobby greenhouse affordable to just about everyone.

Use the "Choosing the Right Greenhouse" criteria below, as an aid to selecting the perfect home hobby greenhouse for you and your plants.

Guarden Hobby Greenhouse and Raised Bed Frames

Poly-Tex Greenhouse

Flower House Greenhouses

Rion Grow Camp

Rion Greenhouse Kits

Installation Tips

More on Greenhouses

Tips for Choosing the Right Greenhouse:

We firmly believe there is a home hobby greenhouse for every gardener. To help narrow down the selection, ask yourself these key questions:

  1. What is my budget? How much can I afford to spend?

  2. What size do I need for my gardening needs?

  3. What size will fit the area I can provide for it?

  4. Do I want the less expensive, polyethylene (soft plastic) walls? Or, do I want a more permanent and durable polycarbonate (hard plastic)?

  5. Do I want or need take it down in the off-season?

  6. Do I want a walk-in model?

  7. For smaller, non walk-in models, do I want a raised bed frame?

  8. What features do I want and need? Auto-vent windows, shelving, rain gutters, etc.


Low Price Guarantee: We believe our prices for home hobby greenhouses are the lowest...anywhere. If you see a lower price, please give us the opportunity to beat it. This offer excludes the occasional model closeout, if that item is not in our stock. Buy Greenhouses for sale at the lowest prices now!


Did you know? The word "greenhouse " in Spanish is : Invernaderos. Do you know the word in another language? Send us a note and we will add it!  

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