Top 10 September Gardening Tips

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September brings the end of summer, noticeably shorter days, and slowly cooling temperatures. While a visit from Jack Frost may not be far away, there’s still a lot of gardening to be done.  Some of those activities include cleaning up the garden. But, other activities include tending to and harvesting cool weather and second-season crops. Our September Gardening Tips guide us to harvesting, as we also turn to planting fall bulbs. 

Top Ten September Gardening Tips

Gardening Tip # 1: Freeze fresh herbs in water in ice cube trays. Pop-out the frozen cubes, and put them onto a labeled freezer bag. more…….

Gardening Tip #2: If it’s September, then the first visit from Jack Frost is not that far away. Be prepared for a quick “cover-up”.   more…….

Gardening Tip #3: If your pumpkins are still green. With a little help, they can still ripen in time. more…….

Gardening Tip #4: As you clean up your garden, it is a great idea to check the soil pH, and make corrections, if needed.. more…….

Gardening Tip #5: Harvesting seeds for planting next year, can save you money. The seeds need to be mature, properly dried, and properly stored. more…….

Gardening Tip #6: Got 30 to 35 days until the first frost? Try this fast-growing garden veggie. more…….

Gardening Tip #7: Plant your Fall bulbs too deep, and they will struggle their way to the sunlight. Plant them too shallow, and they can be killed in frozen ground. As a rule of thumb…….

In September Pumpkins Take Center Stage

Home Canning Tomatoes

Gardening Tip #8: It’s easy to tell when your sunflower seeds are ready to harvest….. the birds begin to take them on you. more…….

Gardening Tip #9: Enzymes in vegetables cause the maturation process. These enzymes must be killed, by blanching before freezing. Each vegetable has a different blanching time. more…….

Gardening Tip #10: Herbs can be stored frozen, or dried. Herbs must be completely dry before storing.  more…….

Bonus Gardening Tip # 11:  Home canning is practiced by millions of people. Before you start, we recommend reviewing home safety guidelines every year. Safety first. About Home Canning

September Garden Holidays

September is National Indoor Plant Week – the third week of the month

September 13 – National Peanut Day – it’s the P-nuttiest day of the year.

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