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Pumpkin Trivia

Here is a collection of  pumpkin trivia and FAQs:

  • Pumpkins originated in Central America.

  • Pumpkins are really squash... members of the squash family.

  • A pumpkin is a fruit. Most people think of it as a vegetable.

  • Pumpkins are 90% water.

  • The largest pumpkin ever grown is 2,323.7 pounds. See it

  • The largest pumpkin pie weighed 3,699 pounds, and is 20 feet in diameter. More information and a picture

  • Pumpkins are grown all over the world on six of the seven continents, with Antarctica being the sole exception. They are even grown in Alaska.

  • A pumpkin is not a Jack O'Lantern, until it is carved.

  • Pumpkins were once recommended as a cure for freckles.

  • They were used as a remedy for snake bites.

  • Pumpkin seeds help avoid prostate cancer in men.

  • Halloween evolved, in part, from the Celtic tradition of All Hallow's Eve.

  • Native Americans fed pumpkins to their horses.

  • Pumpkin flour can be used in place of wheat flour. It has many health and medicinal benefits.

  • Pumpkins are gluten free.

  • At the first Thanksgiving feast in 1621, the pilgrims did not serve pumpkin pie, Rather, they made stewed pumpkin.

  • Food maufacturers use tan colored pumpkins to make pumpkin puree.

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