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Gardening's Better Than Sex

Here are the top reasons why gardening is better than sex:

#25 - Gardeners are not embarrassed explaining the birds and the bees to their kids.

#24 - If your regular gardening partner isn't available, he/she won't object  if you garden with someone else.

#23 - It's absolutely acceptable to garden before you're married.

#22 - The Ten Commandments don't say anything against gardening.

#21 - You don't have to shower and shave before you garden.

#20 -  You'll always be able to garden, no matter how old you are.

#19 - You'l never hear anyone say: "Is gardening all you ever think about?"

#18 - You don't have to hide your Garden magazines.

#17 - Telling gardening jokes, and invite co-workers to garden with you is not considered workplace harassment.

#16 - Email with garden content is not considered offensive material.

#15 - When you become famous, you don't have to worry about pictures and videotapes of you gardening being shown on the Internet.

#14 - Your gardening partner doesn't get upset about people you gardened with a long time ago.

#13 - It's perfectly respectable to enjoy gardening with a total stranger.

#12 - When you see a really good gardener, you don't have to feel guilty about imagining the two of you gardening together.

#11 - Every time you garden, you hope to produce fruit.

#10 - Nobody will ever tell you that you will go blind if you garden by yourself.

#9 - When dealing with a gardening pro, you never have to wonder if they're really an undercover cop.

#8 - You don't have to go to a sleazy shop in a seedy neighborhood to buy garden related stuff.

#7 - You can have a gardening related calendar on your wall at the office.

#6 - There are no gardening-transmitted diseases.

#5 - No one objects if you watch the gardening channel on television.

#4 - Nobody expects you to garden with the same person your whole life.

#3 - Nobody expects you to give up gardening if your partner loses interest.

#2 - You don't have to be a newlywed to plan a vacation primarily to enjoy your favorite activity.

#1 - Your partner will never say, "Not again? We just gardened last week! "

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