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Christmas Cactus and other Cacti

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Mistletoe Christmas Cactus

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Now here's a gift that is right to the point....ouch. Sorry for that one! Christmas Cactus are so named because they are a flower that blooms a tiny red flower right around the Christmas season.

Cactus are easy to care for and thrive well in the cool and dry conditions of your home during winter. Sure, your cactus plant can withstand long periods of dry weather and the soil need not be very wet. But, your plant will need water. The common belief is that cactus live in deserts filled with sand. In reality cactus live in fringe areas. These plants appreciate a healthy level of compost or humus in the soil.  

There is a wide variety of cactus to choose from. By far the most common is the Christmas Cactus.

Did you Know? Terrariums are enclosed indoor environments for tropical and subtropical houseplants. What are they called for cactus and other desert plants?

Give up? They are called Desertariums.

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