How to Grow Baby's Breath Flowers (Gypsophilia)

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Growing Baby's Breath Flowers in Your Home Garden

Baby’s Breath flowers are tender and delicate annual flowers. Growing Baby’s Breath flowers is very easy. And they are quick to bloom. Also, they are commonly called “Gypsophilia flowers” (their Latin botanical name).  Gypsophilia flowers are a popular flower to accent bouquets, corsages, and flower vases, Baby’s Breath is a popular flower in the home garden too.

Plants bear a profusion of white or pink flowers. The stems separate into many branches, giving it a light appearance, perfect for accenting. The plant has lance-shaped, linear to triangular leaves and wiry stems.

Baby’s Breath flowers are most often included in those dozen roses you give or receive. And they are a “must-have” for bridal bouquets.

Other Names: It is also called Chalk Plant

Plant height: 1 1/2 to 2 1/2 feet.

Days to Bloom: 8 weeks after seedling germination.

Flowers Blooms: Late Spring through Summer.

Gypsophilia elegans

Baby's Breath Plant Propagation

Baby’s Breath plants are grown from tiny seeds. They can be directly seeded into your flower garden in the spring or started indoors for a jump start on the year. The plants do not like frost. It will kill them or stunt their growth. For outdoor plant starts, sow Baby’s Breath seeds after the soil has begun to warm in the spring. 

For an indoor plant start, sow seeds 6-8 weeks before the last frost in your area. Do not transplant indoor starts, until after the last frost date for your area.

Space plants eight inches apart.

Days to Germination: 10 – 15 days.

How to Grow Gypsophilia Flower Plants

Baby’s Breath plants like full to partial sun.

They prefer rich, light soils, and are not fond of clay. Also, they do not like dry conditions. Their rapid growth demands that they be watered during dry periods. Keep the soil moist, not wet.

Add a general-purpose fertilizer before planting if the soil is poor.

Once your seedlings germinate, they will grow rapidly. For continuous bloom, plant them in succession every two to three weeks.

Baby’s Breath are great as dried flowers. To dry them, hang the plants upside down in an airy place, out of sunlight.

Ideal Soil pH: 6.0 – 7.5.

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