Squirrel Control Methods


A Squirrel in Every Yard and Garden

You’ll find a squirrel just about everywhere. Squirrels are in cities, suburbs, and forests. In your backyard, they are at your birdfeeder, digging tulip bulbs out of the flower garden, and munching on sunflowers. In the Fall, squirrels will chew through pumpkins in your garden, as well as those on the front step. Unfortunately, they are hard to get rid of However, we’ve got a few ideas that will help. 

Squirrels are one of a wide assortment of garden pests. These rodents (yes, squirrels are rodents) are extremely persistent. They climb up, through, and over just about every obstacle you make to keep them out. 

Homeowners and home gardeners struggle to control their population and to keep them away from plants, vegetables, and the flower bulbs you so carefully planted for next spring. They gnaw and chew through just about anything, except metal.

Squirrel Control Methods That Work

Here are some tips and ideas that you can try in the war against the squirrel:

1. Trapping: Hav-a-hart traps are an effective way to eliminate squirrels in your yard and garden. After you trap them, you are rid of them for a while. Eventually, new squirrels move into the empty territory vacated by the squirrels you trapped. But ah, how wonderful it is while they are gone!

Important: Before you trap squirrels or any other animals, make sure to check your local laws. Many localities allow you to trap animal pests but do not allow you to transfer or release an animal into another area. In these cases, the local animal control office must be notified.

Tip: Put walnuts or peanut butter into the traps. Squirrels find these irresistible.

2. Pepper Sprays  Pepper sprays and other sprays will discourage them. One taste or smell, and they may scurry to your neighbor’s garden. Apply sprays on plants and fruit. But use caution on vegetables, as a residual “Pepper” taste can linger. Apply every one to two weeks and after rain. 

Find a Pepper spray recipe

3. Fences and screens: These have limited effectiveness. Squirrels easily climb over a fence.  Only if the plant can be completely screened, will you keep squirrels out. In most cases this is impractical, and it is also not aesthetically pleasing. The fencing must also be metal. Squirrels will effortlessly chew through wood and plastic netting.

4. Hunting:  If you can hunt in your area, this will obviously eliminate them….. if you are a good shot. Check your local laws, for rules and regulations.

5. Cats: A natural predator that will help keep them away, only if the cat is a good hunter.

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