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Companion Plants

Companion planting, or companion gardening is the practice of planting two different plants in close proximity to each other on the theory that they help each other in some way. Some plants complement each other, giving off by products that the other plant needs. Those by products are chemicals and micro-nutrients. Other beneficial plants provide some protection against insects and planting a few of them near a desired plant will keep the insects away.

Companion Plants

Try: With: For:
Borage Pumpkins, squash, cucumbers and a variety of plants.


Attracts bees and other pollinatiors.

Deters tomato hornworm

Basil Peppers, Tomatoes,Marigold Keeps flies and mosquitos away
Garlic Roses, tomatoes and a wide variety of flowers and vegetables. Wards off aphids and other insects and pests.
Mint Cabbage and Broccoli Deters Cabbage moths
Marigold A wide variety of flowers and vegetables. Wards off insects. They are also used in Organic Insect sprays.
Nasturtium Pumpkins, Squash, and a wide variety of vegetables. Deters Cucumber Beetles, Squash Bugs,Aphids, and more. And, they are edible!
Rosemary Cabbage and Broccoli Deters Cabbage moths and other pests
Sage Carrots Wards off Carrot Fly
Thyme Cabbage Deters cabbage worm

Great Companion Gardening Information:

A Nasturtium a day, keeps the insects away

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