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The Gardener's Network - Garden Store

After almost 20 years in the business, we have closed our internet store. We now look forward to the joys of retirement.

We sincerely thank our many loyal customers who have come back year after year to purchase our high quality, low cost merchandise. We could not have been successful without you.

We wish you all a life time of health, happiness and prosperity!

America's Top Seed Companies

Livingston Seed - Choose from over 500 varieties of top quality seeds. Livingston  Seed Company, is one of America's oldest seed companies. Find common and not so common varieties. Find fun to grow plants, too. Unbeatable prices. About Livingston Seed Company

Ferry Morse - One of the oldest and largest garden seed companies in America. About Ferry Morse Seed Company

Lilly Miller - A west coast brand favorite. About Lilly Miller

Garden Seed definitions got you confused!? Learn about:

Heirloom Seeds - What qualifies as an heirloom seed variety?

Organic Garden Seeds - Eat healthy! Planting an organic garden starts here.

Hybrid Seeds - Natural cross pollination to produce desirable plant traits.

Non-GMO Seeds - Plant healthy, eat healthy. It's what home gardeners want.

Survival Seed - Vegetable garden seeds for long term storage... be prepared

Giant Vegetables -  Get the genetics to grow huge, giant vegetables.

Seed Starting - New gardeners...learn how to start and grow your favorite plants. Experienced the basics, find garden tips.

Seed Starting Tools - Starter tray kits, germination mats, peat pots and pellets.

Peat Moss - What is it, and how does it improve garden soil?

Free Garden Seeds - How to harvest and save garden seeds for planting next year.

How to Avoid Damping Off Disease - A 'Must Read" for anyone growing indoor seedling transplants.

Garden Seeds & Supplies

Garden trees, bushes and shrubs. Nature Hills.


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