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Lilly Miller seeds got their start in Oregon in 1885.  It is very popular, especially in the northwest area of the country. For over 100 years, the Lilly Miller Seed Company has also been supplying gardeners with chemicals for weed control and fertilizers.

The company offers good value at a reasonable price. The varieties in their product line are somewhat limited. Their seed line caters to plants that grow well in their major market area. Many of these varieties will grow well in your area, too.

Ferry-Morse purchased the Lilly Miller line in 2000.

Top U.S. Home Garden Seed Companies

Listed below in alphabetical order, are some of the top seed companies in America.     

Burpee – Top quality, noted for exciting new product introductions, premium prices

Ferry-Morse Seeds – Top-quality seeds, iron-clad “Guarantee to Grow”, value price

Lilly Miller – A Pacific Northwest favorite. Good quality, limited variety.

Livingston Seed Company. – Wide product line with many less common varieties, value-priced. 

Did You Know? Burpee, Ferry-Morse, Lilly Miller, and Livingston all got their start in the seed business in the 1800s.

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