Seed Starting Basics

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Indoor Seed Starts

It’s time to get our hands into some dirt. Let’s get our indoor starts planted. Review the basics, learn some tips.

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2014 Seed Catalog

The search for garden seeds has officially begun.

Get your Free Seed Catalog:

Browse online at TGN’s Pumpkin Nook today.

Top quality seeds at the lowest prices anywhere… .. online or in stores.

Don’t forget your seed starting supplies and other garden equipment, too.

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Picking the Perfect Pumpkin

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Gardener’s Net Blogspot

A place for gardeners to talk about gardening and interact with other gardeners about gardening, from seeds to plants and plant problems.

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Back to Houseplants

With the outdoor gardening season nearing an end, it’s time to get back to caring for our houseplants.

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Garden Fun

We just (finally!) started a gardening blog. Yes, it is long overdue.

What’s on your gardening mind?


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