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How to Grow Organic Wheatgrass

Triticum Aestivum, Annual

Easy to grow, organic Wheatgrass is loaded with healthy and nutritious minerals and vitamins.

Grow Wheatgrass for seedlings and sprouts, which can be juiced in a blender or juicer.

It can be grown in your garden, or in a container on your patio or deck.

In addition to growing Wheatgrass for consumption, it also is decorative.

Wheatgrass seeds are also called Wheat berries.

How to Grow Wheatgrass Plants:

Growing Wheatgrass plants is easy. Simply sow seeds together in your garden, or in a container. Sow enough seeds to harvest a sufficient quantity for your use in a single cutting.

Grow plants in full sun, and average to rich soils. Keep the soil moist, not wet.

Apply a high nitrogen, liquid fertilizer, only if needed.

Keep plants trimmed to 3" to promote  new, young shoots.

Most people who grow Wheatgrass, are serous organic gardeners and consumers. Whatever you do, do not use chemical fertilizes or sprays, as you defeat the purpose of growing this as an organic vegetable.


Wheatgrass plants are annuals. Replant each spring.

Recipes: May we suggest:

Medicinal Uses:

Wheatgrass is believed to have numerous medicinal applications, including:

  • clean the liver

  • detoxification remedy

  • improve digestion

  • boost hemoglobin production

  • purify blood

More Information:

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