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How to Grow Tea Leaves

Yes, you can grow tea for tea leaves almost anywhere that you can grow a garden. If you drink tea, and you are a gardener, it is an absolute match. As a "Tea Toteler" you know there are many varieties to choose from. Once you enjoy the pleasures of growing your own tea leaves, you then learn about harvesting and drying it. Some people find that proper drying is the most difficult of chores. The final step of course is to sit back and drink it!


Varieties of Tea:

 When it comes to tea, you have plenty of choices. There are really four types of teas, identified by the method in which they are dried and prepared.

  • Black

  • Green

  • Oolong

  • Flavored Teas

Flavored teas are not a unique type of tea. Flavors, spices, and herbs are added to create these teas. Tea companies use their imagination to concoct just about every flavor you can imagine.

Medicinal value of Tea:

Since ancient times, people have used teas for a wide range of medicinal uses.

Modern research has given credibility to many of these beliefs and identified more In some cases research is not conclusive. Regardless of the final determination as to it's value over time, drink and enjoy because there is no research to suggest that it can hurt you and it just tastes good.

Here are some of the known or suspected medicinal applications:

  • Avoidance of heart disease

  • Cancer and tumors

  • Stomach ailments

  • Sore throats and colds(often flavored with honey)

  • Soothing, relaxing

History of Tea:

Tea dates back to ancient Chinese history around 5,000 years ago. Tea is "Steeped" in history in many countries around the world. In the U.S., the Boston Tea party was one of the events that stared the Revolutionary War.

A Reason to Celebrate: National Iced Tea Day

Sowing Tea Seeds:

Seeds can be direct sown outdoors. But we recommend starting them indoors as the plants have a long growing season, and you can space them properly when transplanting.

How to Grow Tea Leaves:

There are many varieties of Teas. They are easy to grow.

Plants thrive in full sun. They prefer average to rich soils. Regular application of fertilizer will help this plant to grow to it's maximum height. Provide sufficient water to keep the soil moist.

You can begin to harvest leaves as soon as there are a few dozen leaves on the plant. They can be used fresh, or dried. To dry tea leaves, wash them off in cool water. Pat dry with a paper towel. Next, spread the leaves out to dry in a cool and ventilated area.

Important: Do not store dried leaves until you are absolutely certain that they are completely dried.

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