Peak Fall Foliage Reports

Red Maple

For many of us, there is nothing better than a fall foliage trip on a bright, sunny day. Nature has painted the trees in a brilliant array of yellows, reds, scarlets, and crimsons of varying hues. It is only fitting that we get out and enjoy the splendor that God and nature provide. Peak Fall Foliage lasts just a few weeks. Don’t hesitate, or you’ll miss it!

Fall foliage lovers fondly refer to their trip as “Leaf Peeping”, or “Leafing”. Whether you’re out “leaf peeping”, or simply have gone “leafing”, it’s lots of fun. Many combine the trip with an overnight stay at a bed and breakfast, lunch at a countryside restaurant, or taking a wine tour at a winery or two.

When to go is important. The best time to go leafing is on a bright, sunny day during peak season. This means you may have to be a little flexible, taking a day off on short notice.

What causes the leaves on trees to change color? You may recall from science class that chlorophyll in leaves gives them their green color. When trees stop making chlorophyll, the green color is replaced with the brilliant, colorful leaves of fall. Nature’s signal to the trees to stop producing chlorophyll is warm, sunny days, and increasingly longer, cool nights. The brilliance of colors is influenced by weather from spring to fall, with temperatures and amount of rainfall playing a key role.

Gardeners: don’t discard those leaves in the trash. They contain lots of nutrients to replenish your garden soil. Not all leaves are alike. Oak leaves are a bit acidic. The best leaves for your garden, with a fairly neutral pH, are maple leaves.

Fall Foliage Reports

Knowing when the leaves are at their peak, is as important as being able to take the time off from work. Nature brings leaves to a peak color each year, but at varying dates. If ‘ya don’t want to miss the peak colors, then ‘ya gotta know when peak foliage times are each year. Keep attuned to reports on your local news station.  

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