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How to Make Sundried Tomatoes Recipe

Description:  By its description, sun dried tomatoes should be dried in the sun. But, very few people do it this way. Most people make sun dried tomatoes in a food dehydrator, or in the oven, as described below.

Any tomato can be dried. Paste or roma tomatoes work best, as hey have less water content than other tomatoes.


  • Ripe tomatoes, as many as you want to make.

  • Herbs, to taste: Basil, garlic, oregano, and other herbs, optional

  • Salt

  • Olive oil

Sun Dried Tomatoes Directions:

  1. Use clean, ripe, unblemished tomatoes.

  2. Wash tomatoes.

  3. Peel tomatoes, if desired. (some people do, most don't)

  4. Core tomatoes and cut into quarters. For big tomatoes, you can cut them even smaller.

  5. Drain excess juice(water).

  6. Remove seeds(optional)

  7. Sprinkle salt, basil, or other herbs onto the tomatoes.

  8. Place in a food dehydrator, set at 140 degrees. Dry in dehydrator for about 4-8 hours.

  9. For oven drying: pre-heat oven to 140 degrees. Place tomatoes in a single layer on a cookie sheet,and set in the oven. Turn them occasionally. In the oven, they will need 10 - 20 hours to dry.

  10. During the drying process, tomatoes will shrink to about 1/4 of their original size.

  11. Sun dried tomatoes are finished drying when they are dry to the touch, and have a rubbery or leather-like texture. (a texture similar to raisins)

  12. Remove from the oven or food processor, and allow to cool.

  13. Place dried tomatoes in a sealable food storage bag. Squeeze out air and seal.

  14. Place bags in the freezer. They should keep in the freezer for 6-12 months.

You can also store sun dried tomatoes in olive oil. Put them in a clean jar. Add olive oil. Cover with lid.

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